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We offer a specialist nationwide bird & pigeon droppings cleaning service

As a small family business based in the heart of Lincolnshire, we take great pride in the services we offer. Small enough to care and offer competitive rates for business, commercial and residential bird droppings cleaning and disinfection.

Pigeon Poo Busters

Pigeon Poo Busters offer a reliable bird dropping cleaning service removing the health risks and damage to building structures.

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  • 24/7 bird poop cleaning service
  • No contract required - single/'one-off' jobs welcome
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  • Long term and multi-site contracts welcome

Nothing is too much trouble.

Pigeon Poo Busters

How dangerous is pigeon poo?

Not only are bird droppings an unsightly mess that can be difficult to remove and cause slip-and-fall accidents, they can also be the cause of several diseases, including a flu-like illness called psittacosis and salmonella, a bacterial infection that can cause diarrhoea.

Bird fecal matter and feathers can have devastating effects on the heating and cooling components and indoor air quality of a commercial facility. Pigeon problems can affect employees, maintenance personnel and potentially customers.

Food Hygiene Practices Regarding Bird Droppings

For full details check out this website

We can help you stay on top of your pigeon or bird problems by keeping your buildings clean.

Pigeon Poo Busters

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